biogas designs

BIOGAS SYSTEM DESIGNS IN UGANDABSUL promotes three (3) Biogas Design Types

Fixed Dome

  • Modified Camatec Design (MCD) adopted from Tanzania
  • BSUL 2015 Design modified from MCD by BSUL in 2015.

Polythene Bag Type Design

  • BSUL is promoting 3 types, Flexi, Sistema and Home Biogas

Floating Dome Digester

  • This is under Crestank Uganda

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BSU-2015 (Cost reduction) Model

Developed in 2015 by BSUL and SNV together with Biogas experts…

MCD Model (Modified Camartec Design)

A model adopted from Tanzania, also a fixed dome type mainly…

Polythene bag digesters

BSUL is working with international biogas companies to promote the Polythene…

Floating Dome Digester by Crestank Uganda

BSUL in collaboration with Crest Tank Limited to promote the plastic…